Sitemap - 2021 - Create Soul Space: Domestic Abuse Support and Healing

Do Most Abusers Have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?

Grieving Your Relationship after the Trauma of Domestic Abuse

Is it Domestic Abuse, or an Anger Management Problem?

There is No Excuse for Verbal Abuse

Under My Thumb: Coercive Control and the Sensitive Victim

The Powerful--and Sadly Effective--Tactic of Abusive Isolation

Why is He Abusive? Is His Brain Damaged or Something?

Core Characteristics of Abusive Personalities, Part 2

Core Characteristics of Abusive Personalities, Pt 1

How Traditional Masculinity Can Prevent Domestic Abuse

Psychological Physical Violence Can Be a Sign of More to Come

What Do Domestic Abusers and Chinese Communists Have in Common?

An Abuse Marriage is a Lonely Marriage

Forgiveness After the Ravages of Domestic Abuse

Is Inner Healing Possible After the Wound of Betrayal?

Don’t Let the Tricksters Trick You: The Dangers of Covert Abuse

Follow Your Intuition

The “Alarm Clock” Method of Sexual Coercion

Healthy Healing vs. Critical Complaint: Talking Openly about Intimate Partner Violence

If You Leave: Behind the Curtain of an Abusive Smear Campaign

Even Though Abuse Tactics are Universal, the Motives of Domestic Abusers Aren’t the Same

Fear of Abandonment in Abusive Personalities

Unwittingly Describing the Abuse Cycle

His Ex Was a Monster ... Or So You've Been Told

He’s Abusive Because He Was Abused …

“Sticks and Stones …” Yeah. Right.

“Or Have I?” — The Art of Abuse Minimization

Domestic Violence and Military Men

Support, education, and awareness of IPV (intimate partner violence) with an empathetic spiritual twist