Sitemap - 2022 - Create Soul Space: Domestic Abuse Support and Healing

The Misleading Myth of Codependency

How to Recognize—and Embrace—Anger

Minimizing Abuse is a Roadblock to Forgiveness

Betrayal Blindness: Forgetting as a Survival Technique

Integrated with Angela: Opening Up About My Domestic Abuse Journey

A Tale of Two Boundaries: Finding the Truth in Relationships

Feeling My Mother's Pain: The Effects of Domestic Abuse Within a Household

Sinking the Titanic: Drowning Under the Waves of a Trauma Bond

Spiritual Abuse: Ephesians 5, Coercive Control, and the Domineering Personality

Sarcasm as a Weapon: An Insidious Tactic of Verbal Abuse

Authentic Repentance vs Another Smoke-Screen: Is His Change Real?

Desecration of Relationships: Destroying More Myths About Pornography, Part 2

Desecration of Relationships: Uncovering Myths About Pornography, Part 1

How Pornography is Traumatizing Women and Destroying Marriages

3: Making Sense of Betrayal

2: Feeling the Injustice of Betrayal Trauma

1: The Crisis Stage of Betrayal Trauma

Could You Be in an Abusive Marriage?

Misplaced Empathy: What it is, and How Abusers Use it to Their Advantage

Punching Holes in Walls is Domestic Violence

A Daughter's Poem of Love: Soaring After Domestic Abuse

The Covert Abuser: Playing the Victim as a Means of Control

The Ominous Role of Contempt in Abusive Relationships

An Abuser's False Self: Hypocrisy and its Consequences

The Man Who Isn't There: Getting His Voice Out of Your Head

Beware of the “Soul Mate”: Love-Bombing, Grooming, and Early Abuse Tactics

How Domestic Abusers Put You—and Attempt to Keep You—in a FOG

An Insidious Agenda: Isolating Targets from Friends and Family

Pornography Encourages Abusive Behaviours and Destroys Relationships

Is it Child Abuse if the Mother is Abused, but Not the Child?