Dec 9, 2021Liked by Jenny duBay

Thank you for this article, it was so helpful! Grieving is something I've found difficult to do, because I think I've become emotionally numb after an abusive relationship. Not that I became numb on purpose, but as a "defense mechanism" to deal with the day-to-day trauma. I need to thaw and start allowing myself to feel the trauma so I can heal from it. This article helps me gain perspective.

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Dec 8, 2021Liked by Jenny duBay

You are spot on in this article. I have learned to give myself permission to grieve in all kinds of 'grief' events and situations in my life including the death of my marriage. It has truly worked the best along with prayer. On the other hand, before I came to allowing myself to grieve, nothing worked to 'fix' me. Nothing worked to bring healing, peace and joy. In fact I got worse instead of better.

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